Varicure Vein Center is one of South Florida’s oldest medical practices specializing in the treatment of varicose and spider veins without surgery.

We are able to eliminate or significantly improve the appearance of unsightly veins with the most advanced and clinically proven technique of microsclerotherapy.

All the evaluations and treatments are personally performed by medical doctors licensed by the State Board of Medicine and not by nurses, physician assistants or other technicians.

For the vast majority of our patients, the treatment causes very little discomfort or is virtually pain-free because we only use the smallest and finest disposable needles. Extensive training and experience of our physicians assures our patients that Varicure Vein Center is the premier source for the treatment of vein problems with safe and time-tested technology. It is no surprise that in the vast majority of cases, Varicure Vein Center can eliminate or reduce significantly the appearance of unsightly veins at a reasonable cost.

Our office is not a franchise with multiple locations. We bring you 25 years of experience in South Miami.

What to Expect on Your Initial Consultation

On your initial consultation, you will meet with the doctor for a review of your medical condition, medications and allergies, and a physical examination. Your physician will explain your condition and answer any of your questions.